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Wine cooler in need of repair? Contact a repair specialist in Woodbridge!

All home appliances at some time may need service and repair. Whether it is a refrigerator or a dryer, a breakdown of any major appliance is an inconvenience to the owner. This holds true for wine coolers as well. Wine coolers range in size from small under counter units to room size and operate similar to refrigerators, which are designed to store wines at optimum temperatures and humidity to preserve its colour, flavour, and quality. For wine enthusiasts, a broken wine cooler can put their wine collection at risk. Generally, wine coolers are low-maintenance appliances but can break down like any other appliance. However, homeowners in Woodbridge have access to wine cooler repair specialists who provide quick diagnosis and fast repair services.


Common Wine Cooler Problems


As with any appliance, wine coolers too can encounter electrical or mechanical problems. Some problems can be easily fixed by the owner with regular maintenance and cleaning. Common problems that a wine cooler owner may encounter are:

  • Noise: Some noise is expected from a wine cooler, especially if you own one that is compression based. However, if you notice that the wine cooler has become exceptionally loud, check that it is positioned correctly and has adequate ventilation and space around it. If the problem still persists, it may be a bigger problem and you should call a repair specialist.
  • Temperature: Check the temperature setting and ensure that the wine cooler is standing on an even surface. If you notice frost build-up, switch off the wine cooler and remove the frost. Frost can accumulate due to humidity and low temperatures. After all frost is removed, plug in and switch the wine cooler on. If frost build-up continues, you should call a professional to diagnose the issue.
  • Moisture: Excessive moisture that builds up inside or outside of the wine cooler indicates a humidity problem. Avoid opening the wine cooler door too much and check that the wine cooler door is shut tight. A small gap in the gasket can cause condensation to form inside.
  • Lighting: Most wine coolers have low interior lighting, such as blue LED lighting, which is custom made for wine coolers. If the light inside does not switch on when you open the cooler, you may have to contact a professional to find the specific lighting for your wine cooler.
  • Switching on: If your wine cooler just won’t switch on and you’ve checked that it is plugged in correctly, you should contact a wine cooler repair specialist to check the appliance.

What to Ask Your Wine Cooler Repair Specialist

If your wine cooler is in need of repair, look for an experienced repair specialist in your area. Check to see if the repair specialist is authorized to service major brands. Your wine cooler may still be under extended warranty and a repair specialist authorized to service the brand would have extensive knowledge on troubleshooting problems with the specific appliance. Be sure to ask your repair specialist of any labour and parts warranty that they provide. Repair specialists with exceptional customer service and experience can provide up to a 90-day labour warranty!

A wine cooler, just like any other appliance, is susceptible to breakdowns. As an investment piece that stores your expensive wine collection, a wine cooler in need of repair can wreak havoc on the stored wines and be a huge inconvenience for the owner. Luckily, homeowners in Woodbridge have access to repair specialists that are experienced in servicing major wine cooler brands and have quick access to replacement parts. 

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